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Get up Get up Get out of your Bed!

  Well, the mid week crew continues to grow.  And any wonder.  Akuna Bay was absolutely gorgeous this morning.  As we rounded the corner near the marina and the water came into full view, the conversation just stopped.  It was breathtaking!  The grind together up the other (steeper) side was gold, especially watching the sun nicely […]

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Waking up West Head

How could the day start any better?  We meet in darkness and wind our way up through the “Hills of Terrey”, impatient to get away from the street lights and the traffic to the serenity of the national park.  And all the way out to West Head, not a car.  And to my absolute surprise, not even […]

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Three Gorgeous Gorges

I often wonder about what heaven will really be like.  There’s the stuff we know … no more death, suffering or pain.. we’ll have new bodies. Bills, hospitals and bank accounts will be things of the past. No power shortages, no complaints, no back-talk, no hate, no fear, no crime, no need to lock our doors and take […]

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